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COMPANY NEWS. Collections Spring-Summer 2011. Part 2. Safari Chic.

12 Января 2011
Listen to the breathing of Pride
Feel the grace of the beasts
And the force of their movements
Outgoing gravity!

Feel the taste of chase,
Become wind that burns lips.
In the abstraction of Africa colors
Feel the life that loves you!

Collection Safari Chic is the theme of strong men, romantics, pioneers, hunters and conquerors ... Safari Chic is the theme of luxury, intelligent, motivated women that accompany strong men. This is a collection for stylish and successful, the people who follow fashion tendencies, move forward, and appreciate the beauty and comfort ...

Collection Safari Chic combines the luxury and quality factor, connects ethnic motifs with European style somewhere directly, but somewhere in the subtle reworking images. The styles of fashion houses Prada, Hermes ... Floral inspiration generate large exotic flowers and the queen of flowers - lily. The colors are rich, complex: from beige, black, dark brown to dark maroon, red, orange, olive, gold, plus the classic combination of black and white. The smells are heavy, persistent: saturated wood, musk, aromas of expensive sorts of coffee are interspersed with expensive perfumes and exotic oils ...

The collection uses a lot of rough textures - leather, suede, wood, stones. In the men's and women's clothing there are elements of cowboy style: fringe, rough boots, hats, folding collars, wide belts, bags from crocodile and python leather. There are multi-layered textures and colors: on black phone - red jacket, big accessories highlighting the bright bold makeup.

Drawings of clothes and home textiles, on pillows, bedspreads, rugs - patterns of festive and War Paint of African tribes, African wildlife: zebra, giraffe, leopard, and their silhouettes ... In furniture designs - ethnic motifs: curved legs, backs of chairs, rattan, wood, in interiors - rough brush strokes, scrapes, combined with antique gold, giving a special distinctive style and luxury to them. On the walls - safari trophies - animal heads, skulls, masks ... Abstraction in the decorative patterns, the absorbing geometry of strips and circles. Large objects in combination with African motifs create the images of modern ethnics in interiors (plasma display panels on the wall, decorated with animal skins, clock on the background of graphic wallpaper patterns, vases made of metal, a globe, bookshelves from floor to ceiling, carpets, large shells and composition of them, that remind sea coasts, plenty of space) ...

Gift wrapping of Collection Safari Chic is easily determined by visual rhythms, it is based on natural materials (stones, feathers, skeletonized leaves), lots of cords, of which geometric ornaments are made on presents, jewelry and charms that bring good luck. Various kinds of wrapping materials are gracefully combined, including textured paper of African motifs, silhouettes of animals, the film with geometric patterns, as well as materials that look like animals skins and furs. Ribbon of chiffon, satin, velvet are of saturated colors, with gold stamping and prints. Among the accessories - large beads, wood and plastic accessories, crystals, exotic birds, large butterflies and dragonflies of bright colors. The gift wrapping is elegant, luxurious, expensive with the same sense of style - for people who do not think ordinary, but move to their dreams, live in the flight, for those who appreciate and love life in all its beauty.

P.S. You will be able to read about our third collection on Monday January 17, 2011.

Plyasova Elena