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COMPANY NEWS. Collections Spring-Summer 2011. Part 1. Sugared Spring/Sugar Spring

11 Января 2011
As a young fairy
In a dress of pink clouds
Spring soars on sugar wings ...
And gently touching the ground,
Dissolves in the aromas of
Floral lakes
And cool winds ...

Young and beautiful, spring comes into the world wrapped with winter dreams, and the nature awakens from its gentle touch, sweetly stretching toward the sun by each frozen twig, by any sugar leaf of snowdrops, icy surface of lakes ...

Feminine, delicate, romantic collection Sugared Spring / Sugar Spring fascinates with youth, forgotten sensations of childhood, the taste of sweets and family celebrations. Candies, candied fruit, sweets are hidden under soft pink, blue, lilac wrappers, huddled in small paper boxes, glitter in the bowls of fine lace porcelain. In the doll house there is real life - the dolls in gorgeous outfits drink tea from the real, but only very small dishes, they sleep on the beds under beautiful canopies, sit on chairs with carved backs, or talk sitting on small velvet sofas ... Collection Sugared Spring / Sugar Spring is both an early spring as well as a summer tour by an old bike, when the wind is in hair and something softly whispers in your ear ...

Small bunches of spring flowers, as well as small mixed composition of roses, chrysanthemums, daisies, hyacinths, crocuses decorate tablecloths, mats and napkins wind play in a house full of sunshine, warmth, love and care for each of its inhabitants. In the interiors - light lacy wrought-iron furniture with floral designs: swings, arbors, shelves, cages for birds and objects of simple shapes and colors: the presence of white and beige - the harmony of delicate colors - pink, blue, mauve, purple, pistachio. In kitchen ware and textiles - a bit naive, funny, sentimental motifs, embroidery, knitted details shaped as letters, hearts ... In a festive table decorations - candied flowers, fruits, covered with glitter, little notes on paper, clothespins, formed cards. In compliment to each other - small cakes, pies, handmade chocolates.

In collection Sugared Spring / Sugar Spring early spring holidays sound perfectly – family holidays, Easter, March 8, birthdays, weddings ... Airy ribbons with floral, candied accessories, hearts, butterflies, flowers, twigs of plants, birds in nests, sequins, glitter, crystals, decorative wire of pastel colors adorn small gifts-compliments. Small boxes, paper of pastel shades and films with floral patterns is the choice of collection Sugared Spring / Sugar Spring. Everything is very nice, creative, elegant and at the same time just like those wonderful feelings that we want to give to our nearest and dearest on these spring holidays.

P.S. All video films to the collections will be presented on the site after their presentation in the showroom next week.

Plyasova Elena