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COMPANY NEWS. The collections of Spring-Summer 2010. Part 4. Cuba Havana.

19 Января 2010
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Sea, palms, tequila, clubs…
The statue of white teeth mulattos…
The world paradise begins from Cuba –
Bottomless well of life holiday!

Dazzling world of happiness that is full of secret miracles – the image of «Cuba Havana» collection. The isle of freedom, myths, legends, adventures and unique beauty nature, the land of white teeth aborigines and eyes spackling in the sun. The world of traditions, ethnic chic and inexhaustible treasures of soul. The world of music, dances and endless holiday. The smell of real Cuban cigars, rare wines and tequilas, night street lights, splendid women and shine of precious stones, driving mad coffee aromas, expensive autos and wind in hair, every minute is a realized dream, a happy instant of life. Take it, drink it, sink into it and leave forever in your memory… «Cuba Havana» collection is an infinite summer in the coolness of evergreen and exotic plants. Yellow and green orchids, sunny irises, bamboo, leaves of banana trees and palm trees are the floral inspiration of the collection. Its colors are warm, rich, relaxing and exciting at the same time – yellow, green « khaki», sand color, natural beige, chestnut, chocolate, tobacco colors as well as copper tints give their charm to the collection.

Conquering simplicity of bamboo lines, reed of rattan-cane palms, coconut and coarse wood are used in interiors. Stylish ethnic forms, dense forest style win the audience. There are a lot of handmade ceramics and wooden items, formed metal, bronzes. Furnishing from wicker materials, imitation of scratching surfaces and bark. Natural and painted materials, cotton, linen. In designs there are floral ornaments of tropics. Grains, geometry, thin lines, squares. Animal images, their colors, furs, leathers.

The gift wrapping of «Cuba Havana» collection looks rich, fine and uses natural materials. There are a lot of wooden decorative accessories, bamboo, colored and natural stones, coconuts cords, raphia, artificial bark, Kraft paper. The elegance of gift wrapping materials is emphasized by natural tints as well as chiffon or woven ribbons with ethnic prints or ornamental stamping.
The gift wrapping of «Cuba Havana» style is a mysterious world of manly people, perfect muscles of men’s presents, and refined hand work creates special value for such presents.

Plyasova Elena