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COMPANY NEWS. Materialization of feelings in gift wrapping. Kraft paper and products from it.

28 Сентября 2010
Who does not want to stand out of the crowd? Especially during the cold season, when all people look the same - in some faded clothes. The same situation is with gift wrapping. We always want that our presents would be distinguished among a mass of other gifts, impress everyone by originality, splendor and beauty of our gift wrapping. So that it should be remembered once and for all, stock up in hearts, as a nice melody or a magical female voice, accompanied by no less magic sounds of the harp. The singer is not visible, but we guess that she is as beautiful as her voice. And then we want to materialize the heard. At least on paper ... Kraft paper.

It is possible to create such necessary and practical things from paper, like pads for notes, folders for papers and bags. Gift wrapping and souvenirs from Kraft paper with a new design "Musical Improvisation" in retro style can s allocate your presents from others. As the design is so interesting, individual, and has its own story that will attract the attention of those who would try to discern its details.

In the folder, for example, we can store letters, notes (if you, like the heroines of our designs are fond of music), photos, sketches. And the words of favorite songs with the notes or chords ask to be put on pads sheets, as in our childhood - songbooks, displaced from our lives by the Internet, in which, incidentally, not everything can be found. And a bag and paper as gift wrapping emphasize profitable both your gifts, as well as your taste. Fragments cut out of the paper you can decorate picture frame, mirror, and even create a collage. Individually placed in a frame it will serve a great decoration for the interior.

Glukhova Maria / Berezina Valentina