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SMW NEWS. The course announcement «Chocolate Floristics».

09 Октября 2009
The middle of October! The cosiest season of the year. Dacha efforts are over. Marine pictures from last summer trip have been placed on shelves, the first school writing-book has been finished already. But it is still a long time before the Christmas vacation, so new souvenirs from mountain-skiing slopes and New Year's gifts will appear in our houses not very soon.

The time of knowledge, time of meditations!
The time of fixing sights for accuracy,
The time of flexibility and durability test,
The time of gleam and time of being on way,
The time to rise and just to go forward… »

If to close eyes, to listen attentively to ourselves - somewhere inside our soles there are grandiose ideas of decorating New Year's fur-trees for the Christmas holidays! Decorative balls with portrait of Sharkhan – the symbol of the year 2010 will be on the trees. And what about gifts for the kids? I do not know yet what they are going to be, but I know their gift wrapping! The tiger-charm, so plush, good-natured symbol of the coming year peeps out of the petals of a golden bow-sphere. And I would like to thank the favourite teacher. Flowers Again? Or sweets? A bouquet! Certainly, a bouquet from sweets! The special course «Chocolate floristics» of School of Modern Wrapping has appeared so in time!

On 22 October, from 10:00 till 17:00 it is the special course «Chocolate floristics»!

Decorative compositions with fresh or artificial flowers, added with colourful accessories. Compositions can be executed in the form of a classical bouquet or be in boxes, baskets, glass vessels. On courses, you learn various ways of arranging sweets, their fixing in compositions, will create some interesting compositions by your own hands. After the course you will be able to create unforgettable gifts to any events.

The course is conducted by master Natalia Gerasimova.
The course cost is 4 100 rub. You can get the gift certificate for this course.
All consumable materials are given by the School.
The quantity of places is limited. Reserve beforehand by phone +7(495) 649-33-99 (215)

Anna Kamyshova