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Gift wrapping presents: yesterday, today, tomorrow..."December issue of Packaging News magazine.

14 Января 2008
Dear Friends!

In December issue of Packaging News magazine in rubric “Market sector” a splendid article “Gift wrapping presents: yesterday, today, tomorrow…” has been published, about our Company is written in it.

The text: Anna Galuzo

Wrapping papers for presents… There is a great plenty of them these days, it is difficult to imagine a counter of a modern shop without them. We choose presents and papers to wrap them up at once. But some time ago it was amazing. Let’s remember that rough paper, which everything was wrapped in – from sausages to cloths. The 90’s that was rich for event changed the Russian people attitude to many thing including gift wrapping of presents.
Grand Gift can be considered as a pioneering Company in the field that in 1993 at its own risk decided to bring holographic paper in the country. Then quite few people heard about such material, moreover did not realize what to do with it. To present day the Company is one of the principal wholesaler, which distributes such products and possesses its own productive capacity. Grand Gift is also original trendsetter as it offers interesting design solutions.

In the gift wrapping market, which wrapping papers belong to, at the present moment a lot of suppliers and sellers are presented: from sufficiently great to quite small companies in Moscow as well as in the regions. As regards the domestic production companies it is still problematic: mainly foreign products occupy the local market (for example, Chinese, Polish, Italian). But some positive changes are being outlined. Elena Plyasova – Grand Gift Company director of advertising department says: “Of course, the scale of the Russian production cannot be compared to the import volume. Domestic manufacture plays very important role now. If it was expensive to produce things on our own, at present a lot of companies organize production in Russia. It is convenient, allows to regulate turnover, orders, to take account of clients’ requests and to control the process of production completely. Though now as before the major part of gift wrapping paper is bought abroad”..

From gloss to Kraft
It is clear that there is a great many of gift wrapping papers. But it is necessary to classify them all somehow. For example: according to their texture. The most prevalent kind is glossy paper. It can be as traditional colors as well as original – collection variants. Experts say that now it sometimes difficult to distinguish glossy paper from film by its appearance. So called Kraft paper is extremely popular nowadays – it is thin and elegant, made of ecological products and looks like the wrapping paper of the Soviet times. The carelessness of Kraft paper corresponds with the modern tendencies, but at the same time it can be called “vintage material” as well. The range of its using in gift wrapping is huge and diverse: from simple wrapping to various bags of all possible forms and sizes and cashing boxes, the combinations with polymeric films, nature materials (leaves, twigs, herbs, flowers). A lot of designers use original Kraft paper un their collections, it is also used for packing expensive cloths in boutiques.
To work with “Ecoluxe” paper is easy because of its softness. It is made of ecologically clean materials and can be with folds or creased. It is used for wrapping gentlemen’s gifts and express gift wrapping. The paper is supplied with the following accessories – paper decorative cords for keeping forms of presents. “Tishyu” paper is used as inner material as well as decorating. There are relief sorts of the paper and printed sorts. Thick stylish Mulberry paper is hand made of mulberry tree and then all possible decorative elements (dried leaves and flowers) are applied on it. It should be noted here that for different kinds of paper special effects are widely used (stamping, applying paillettes, mother-of-pearl etc). The paper is sold both in rolls and in folio. Clients can choose the most convenient and favorable size. 

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