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PRODUCTION NEWS. Polygraphic production. The overview of possibilities

27 Марта 2008

Dear Friends!
To organize printing is complicated and labor-intensive business, but profitable and perspective if to do it rightly.
At the moment our production offers the services on printing different colorful advertisement products to our clients. The specificity of the production is so that the main direction should be the printing of А1 and А2 posters, colorful leaflets and booklets, stamp hard covers, flyers, calendars, post cards, folders for bright magazines.

Those who need assistance in printing are welcome to consult us. As it often happens that clients do not know what they want or need. And the first thing that we offer our clients is an expert and competent approach for developing their orders. There are a great variety of papers to our clients’ choice; we can give the recommendations and explanations about the quality of printing on different papers, about additional elaboration of circulations. For example, advertising posters, which are our major products, should be bright and kept for a long time, so we suggest laminating them – it brightens their colors as if “lifts” the paints.

Every printing product should carry definite meaning and serve certain goals. Posters mission is to draw the attention of potential buyers of products, which are advertised in them. Booklets should consist of useful information about the services that are advertised in them. Postcards are for giving joy and light, leaflets attract passers-by attention… So the main aim of a printing-house is stress the particular properties of every of these products. For example, we have prepared the posters for PaoloConte Shoe Company. The posters are very bright and catch peoples’ looks, so they perform their task perfectly.

Our other client - a printing house that has not the same facilities that we do – in the end of February asked us to print booklet covers for a tourist agency. The booklet was about the Canary Islands. We managed to implement the order: the covers were sunny – the blue sky, yellow sand and fresh breeze of the ocean. The client was satisfied as the covers attract to take them and glance over, even if you are not going to have vacations on the Canary Islands.

I would like to tell you about the following. Any polygraphic products are always needed by somebody. Every company, whatever it does or wherever it is situated, orders polygraphic products: visiting cards, headed note-papers, document cases – the things which are not possible to do without. Plus magazines and newspapers that we are used to reading regularly in order to be well informed about the recent news, books and brochures that give us knowledge and wisdom… And they all consist of spirit and warmth of people that created them: designers, imposers, editors, managers and printers. These are the people who give their creative energy into printing products.

More and more new clients start working with us as they enjoy our mutual cooperation. The reasons are friendly atmosphere, professional attitude and strait dealing.

Fligova Olga