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COMPANY NEWS. Enjoy every day. The highlights of the week with Elena Plyasova.

17 Мая 2008
Closer the summer – the time starts flying faster. Although the days are longer and the nights are shorter. And we sleep less; wake up along with the first crows trying to catch up the end of a sweet dream. But the beginning of a new day with its pure morning sky makes its way through a window, using your weaknesses shamelessly. Of course it is possible to stop this attack with the help of heavy curtains, but we have to make a movement for that, and not just one… But the end of a sweet night dream is here. Itmightcomebackagain? No, Next crow «croak» behind the window and we are ready to take a gun that we have not got, and execute that feathery army and forget our tender love for nature.
Some more time passes by in the struggle for living as you wish, but the sunbeam strokes your cheek tenderly and you cannot resist it and wake up. We smile to this new day and forget the escapades of croaking beings till the next morning. 
Every new day prepares a lot of surprises, delights with new meetings, ideas and… thinks about the future. Yes! The final school bell will ring in school very soon and no one can do without presents and decorative bells at the holiday. We are going to tell you about it next week. On this week we have already told you about presents for teachers and friends. And there have been some other themes.
The holiday of the final school bell is the most affecting, significant and unforgettable of all school holidays. This holiday associates with a warm May day, hot sun shining and sonorous birds’ singing and everything is wanted to be perfect because the final school bell holiday remains a lot of pleasant memories about school years. These years are often called the best and the holiday of the final bell – the holiday of parting childhood.
COMPANY NEWS. The final school bell is ringing... Presents for teachers in relief paper.
Decorating our homes we try to create unique atmosphere of coziness and warmth, where special mood lives, adding individuality to every part of interior. New opportunity, creative boons and interesting ideas in the sphere of interior decorating are for you in the program of the unique course DECORATING OF FURNITURE that is held on 29 May - 2 June 2008.
SMW NEWS. Announcement!!! Fascinating course Decorating of Furniture.
Black and white, golden and silvery are the pledge of success in choosing clothes, accessories, interior items as well as … gift wrapping. Classical combinations are actual in all times. Lightness and clarity, delicacy and refinement are captured in eternity.
COMPANY NEWS. Wonderful and beautiful nature. Skeleton leaves.
Dear Friends! We love holidays and everything that is connected with them as those particular days our nearest and dearest gather together, share news, laugh and give presents to each other. We want to have more of such days in our life. Family is the dearest that we can have, is people whom we love, respect and attached ourselves to with all our hearts. It is nice that such holiday as Family Day we started to celebrate in Russia, it is one more occasion to wish our nearest and dearest all the best, gather around tables…
COMPANY NEWS. Presents for the whole family – our feelings in gift wrapping.
Every one of us has ever held boxes in their hands – presents, cosmetics, toys, medicine or other things of different sizes and forms were inside those boxes. And when we take things out of them, boxes are usually thrown away. If you do not have to deal with the process of their production, you have never thought how complicated it is… There is a lot of nicety in the production of boxes that is known by producers but customers. The work should be very accurate, to say it more precisely – minute.
PRODUCTION NEWS. Polygraphy in 3D.
We wish you nice weekends, pleasant weather, light smiles, holiday mood that is gifted to you by every new day!
Specially for Grand Gift,
Elena Plyasova