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THE COMPANY NEWS. Book is the best present.

07 Апреля 2008

Book-store – it’s a mysterious place, where you can spend half a day and leave it with a good pile of books.
Notwithstanding the progress all over the world, books remain a kind of something special, where every person can sink and be overcome with the book. Moreover, you can share this world with your friends and people you love. Lots of films and plays have been made after some famous books, but only the original can deliver that impression, emotions and bright colors.
Since ancient times a book has been considered as a precious present, especially if you knew that a person to whom you were going to give the book would be so happy to read it.
Usually impression of books lasts for a very long time, sometimes for the whole life. And if you wrap the book you are going to present into some special packaging the impression will double for sure! You can give a little hint with a wrapping, making it in a style which is close to the content of a book.
Make presents of books, wrap them, do it beautifully and make people smile…

Once you’re tired and depressed
Take a book to have a rest
Turn some pages before sleep
And you’ll get into book’s grip

More you read and more you know
Now your soul begin to glow
When you fine you also read
Book is what you really need ѓє

Alexandra K.