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COMPANY NEWS. On the eve of the New Season! Autumn-Winter 2008collections! Part 1. OBJECTS OF DESIRE

11 Августа 2008

Dear Friends!

The bright picture of the summer will be replaced by a refined and charming autumn one very soon. And then winter comes, bringing into every house fantastic mood of magic holidays and new hopes. Very soon feelings will begin to sound in the arrangement of new season collections of Autumn-Winter 2008. Four days of this week will be devoted only to them. Today the melody of first collection Objects of Desire is sounding.

Add tendernesses into my palms,
Fill up the soul jug with beauty!
By skilful lace of love!
And give it back, without fear!
Wrap yourself in crimson dawn …
And disappear as a dream
In the silence of the night…
Fragile, gentle, fantastic, surprising and mysterious … Ambiguous, unreal … Air, womanly, romantic … Objects of Desire Collection drops out of the general atmosphere as if light wind of romanticism and love carries away beyond the limits of the existing world into anther inaccessible world of imaginations and fantastic beings.
Light, in white, cream, pink and blue tones that play a paramount role. As accents - rich crimson, cherry, wine shades that create the atmosphere of sacrament and unreality of an event. The colors of Objects of Desire collection are gentle, romantic, with a little bit of deciduous ornament. Sometimes flower forms are specially increased, in order to give the effect of "fantasy". Among decorative materials there are a lot of beads, glass, porcelain, textiles with elegant relief patterns. The forms are symbolic, fantastic, habitual traditional as well as imaginary, surreal that are combined from several characters.
In gift wrapping graceful expensive materials prevail: relief paper, lacy, chiffon, beaded ribbons, wrapping materials with complicated patters, there are elegant bows on draperies and freakish forms, and on simple and natural forms there is magnificent furnish … Beads, bugles, pastes, feathers, gold cords, bijouterie, decorative wires – all is refined, expensive and romantic …

Elena Pl