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22 Октября 2007
Dear Friends!

Any work can be done well and quickly if there are always good tools at hand. If gardening or joinery is your hobby, then, for sure, you have such things, without which you cannot imagine good results.

Any present or bouquet also need “invisible helpers” that patiently wait for their hour. Beautiful folds, glued accessories, nicely cut stalks or evenly cut paper sheet, all that is the result of using high-quality tools.

Those who attended our courses have already appreciated the merits of thermo guns, sticks, and staplers. Colorful glue sticks allow not only to match the right color for gluing accessories and different elements of presents, but also to use them creatively in arranging ornaments (pressing out hot glue on the surface of goods).

The unique stapler Rapid is the best tool for fixing ribbons and film.

Do you really know how to use scotch? Pellucid or paper – it is always needed for gift wrapping. Have you ever thought about using various scotches as decoration? All you need is to take scotch of unusual color or design and you have got a ribbon and scotch in one. Now you can create a very uncommon decoration for presents, which are different from usual ribbons. You can also combine ribbons and scotch.

The unique knives for cutting paper cut paper precisely and there is no way you can cut yourselves, as their blades are not sharp. Look how you use your tools. Supplement your favorite tool collection with our tools and we can guarantee their quality.

Have a nice day!