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To the Police Day. Brocade ribbon.

08 Ноября 2007
Dear Friends!
The sort November holidays obliterated imperceptibly the old revolutionary celebration with military parades and salutes at Red square in our minds. It is as if everybody has celebrated it recently but now it is history already. There is one holiday in November that is not celebrated so solemnly but it is still an important occasion – 10 November – Police Day.
Somebody has to protect what we create. That is why our jobs are connected very tightly. Every day we face the problem of guarding: storage, shopping centers, citizens’ peace, museums and exhibitions, planes and spaceships. But we teach ourselves how to protect our feelings and love. “My police takes care about me” – our inner, human, spiritual police should stand guard over the order of people’s relations. It is the most honest and fair.
In which connection are brocade ribbons here, you may ask? How is they connected to the holiday? It is easy - Triumph and Trophy collection is the triumph of common sense and our emotions are the trophies. The brocade ribbons connect these two concepts and if you would like to join these two elements in your present, you create a solemn gift full of deep meaning.