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SCHOOL NEWS. The report on the course "Decoupage", given by Italian expert Monica Paruta.

01 Апреля 2011
Dear friends!

I want to share a good news with you! March 21, 2011 at the Training Center for the art of modern gift wrapping the course on Decoupage technique was held. A great Italian master and decorator Monica Paruta, a representative of the Italian company Stamperia, gave the course. She is a very sweet, kind and considerate to everyone, talented and sincere person. No one remained indifferent to her during the course. Monica brought new and interesting materials, respectively to them - new techniques to use along them. During the day we visited three, totally different worlds ...

In the beginning of the session the whole group was plunged into a mysterious, fascinating and colorful world of ethnic. With paints, imagination and Tex Art technique each participant mentally transported to a hot African desert, and presented themselves at Bedouin’s place, going among sand dunes under the rays of the setting sun ... The result was magnificent decorative panels, which anyone can create by themselves.

A completely different world was created in the following works... the world of romance, spring, freshness, and awakening of nature ... We decorated boxes. The works were very sweet, touching and fresh in their colors, structures and sensitivity. Applying the bulk paste «Volumix» our images came to life, the birds were ready to fly up off the boxes and to the sky ... This paste is very easy to use and very different from those of materials with which we previously had to work as its structure greatly facilitates the process of work, makes it possible to accelerate the process of creating volume decoupage.

The next work was decorative paintings in abstraction style. Here we used stained glass paints – unusual material for painting on canvas. This creates an uncommon effect, and the volume paste just intensify it. Despite the fact that technology was the same for everyone - each work was individual in color, character and spirit, and reflected the mood and the inner world of their creators.

We look forward to seeing you at our courses! As always for you we have a lot of interesting and contemporary ideas for interior decorating and designs, as well as gift wrapping - everything that will help you express your feelings and emotions!

Anna Rudometova