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PRODUCTION NEWS. Make presents nicely! Kraft cardboard boxes with decor.

11 Февраля 2010
Only real experts in the field of gift wrapping production work in our Company. They can make anything you like - after all our company tries to please you with the help of gift wrapping. And if you wish to receive pleasure from packing of gifts and to share this pleasure with relatives so visit our Company, and we will help you choose those goods thanks to which your business will be profitable, and gifts will be beautiful.

Once again I would like to remind you of our mission - Spiritual and creative perfection of the person by means of development of gift wrapping culture! You should pay your attention to the ways people react to gifts which you present them in beautiful packing and as they react to gifts which are in general unpacked – it is a good experience! And believe me that you will have huge satisfaction of gift wrapping present by yourselves.

Well what I want to tell you today is about remarkable Kraft cardboard boxes with decor and about process of their manufacture and about what pleasure we receive from making these boxes! First of all, we take pure paper made of wood, received as a result of processing of the trees growing in the Finnish tree nurseries (just imagine that a tree has specially been planted for this box, has been grown up and now you can see what has turned out of that). Secondly, the cardboard which is used for consolidation of the boxes, is made from recycle paper. That means that for the boxes manufacture ecological equilibrium of the nature has not been broken, and accordingly every naturally grown tree has not suffered! And the third is the diligence, invention, resource and a bit of adventurism of our designers.

With impatience of spring expectation,
Yours Slomatin Dmitry!