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PRODUCTION NEWS. Gift wrapping for the two. Paper, envelopes, packages, bags, Kraft boxes – blue curls.

06 Мая 2010
Dear friends!

Going to visit somebody, we often face the problem of how to pack gifts for two people. Whether to place emphasis in the direction of tenderness, or give preference to strength.

This spring our Company presents a new coloring of gift wrapping products from Kraft to your attention - abstract blue curls. This color scheme is suitable for packing gifts not only for women as well as for men, because it has a calm blue print in the form of scrolls on a white background. Satin or rep ribbons in combination with raphia, decorative stones, blue with white bows serve well as accessories.

It is possible to decorate even wedding gifts in accordance with this color combination. Graceful curls talk about women's mysteries, elegant blue ribbon encircling them - as a symbol of reliability and a strong rear. On the other hand such a gift for the newlyweds would be something like a ticket to the romantic journey – blue waves caress dazzling white sand, and strong masculine hands habitually cope with ropes and knots or hold the steering wheel, encountering a stray breeze by a white teethed smile.

In this color scheme there are both ready-made solutions - boxes, bags, packages, envelopes as well as packaging material - paper. Boxes of different sizes and shapes, with ready decor allow to wrap gifts without resorting to additional accessories. If presents are of non-standard shape and size, then using the packages and bags in this color, it is not difficult to gift wrap them. The envelopes are suitable not only for money, but also for gift certificates, gifts, concert tickets, invitations and greeting cards.

Using our products you can, choose packages for any gifts, and the environment friendliness of Kraft paper allows us to care about the nature.

Pavel Sadovnikov