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COMPANY NEWS. Get acquainted to the collections of the new season Spring-Summer 2009. Part 1. Aquafarniente /Color of the sea.

12 Января 2009
Time makes a circle on water slowly
Fin flapping will not make any mark…
Depth –without bottom, plaid of blue…
Soul is getting lost in serenity…
Time is similar to river’s watercourse: first becomes transfixed, and then accelerates its course. Thought as if air bubbles, collide and overtake each other, slide upwards. Stand and listen to waves whispering, waterfalls songs, feel wind touching… Make a start from the ground and plunge into cool embraces of depth … Feelings, desires, emotions … Smooth lines… Not clear outlines … Each movement is as wave of a wing … Slowly and beautifully you hover above abyss - the abyss obeys you…
Collection Aquafarniente (Color of the sea) is quiet, rich with colors and deep sense. It leaves mixed feelings of peace and enthusiastic attitude in our souls. Oriental motives framed by philosophy of feelings and ideas live in it. Emotions are painted in turquoise, ultramarine, cobalt, indigo and sea-green. Small accents are made with the help of light-green. Inflorescences of irises, hyacinths, cactuses …
The Oriental style is dominate in interiors decorating, figured forged lattices with exotic birds, a lot of pillows, embroidered coverlets and bed canopies … Ornaments on products are important decorative elements. Effects of mosaic and tiles is used. Oriental arabesques – complex of symmetric payterns from  stylized plants - are popular. Vases and jugs are of extended forms, in designs – smooth lines and flat rectangulars. 
Gift wrapping abounds in accessories – geometrical beads, pastes, paillettes, artificial decorative stones of flat and wavy forms, transparent as sea waves or matte as if it foams. Among wrapping materials there are Mulberry paper, Kraft, stamping paper and with complicated and rich pictures. Ribbons are woven with Oriental ornaments, grid, chiffon. Collection Aquafarniente (Color of the sea) is for gift wrapping presents for romantics of  long journeys, people of “the big dream”, who are searching, thinking, keen, to that in whose eyes the sea is reflected and the love lives.