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PRODUCTION NEWS. Kraft paper bags are familiar detail of service. Kraft paper bags for take-away food.

05 Февраля 2009
The most valuable that we have got is time. The economy of time for cooking meal and even for having meals allows business people "to find" minute and even hours for self realization in other fields of activities. Therefore all over the world people are taking meals at home more and more often, and prefer to order take-away dishes in favourite restaurants, that is delivered right to their doors.
Today this category - delivered food is the most fast-growing in food-processing industry. Its share takes about 60 % of general growth of foodstuff. Fast food restaurants and the deliveries of meals are rather perspective segment of the market from the point of realization of their packing. A lot of companies use Kraft paper bags for packing and delivery their goods. It is convenient as well as beautiful and stylish. Besides companies can use theses packages for placing advertisement on them, and save money as it is not as expensive as massive
advertising that demands significant expenses.
Paper bags is ideal packing of goods that is recognized all over the world. Besides it is an irreplaceable element of corporate style of every company. Various materials, designing opportunities and printing technologies allow to make each bag individual and corresponding to company image. Moreover theses bags have a number of over polyethylene bags. The basic is ecological compatibility. Environmental problems are becoming more and more important and paid a lot of attention all over the world. Kraft paper bags has become a unique decision of environment protection. Paper decays completely and does not bring bad influence on environment. Furthermore paper packages can be recycled. The paper bags produced in our company distinguished by their durability, multifunctionality and quality. And a fine designing idea will help turn these bags into stylish element of advertisement.
Kraft paper bags are a unique finding for networks of café restaurants and companies which carry out deliveries of goods. The wide application of Kraft products can be explained by their optimum ratio: DEMAND – PRICE - QUALITY.
Taktashova Elena