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PRODUCTION NEWS. Kraft bags – colorful monochrome.

05 Марта 2009
With the end of the calendar winter, something ad verbum has changed in the whole look the city around us. Snowdrifts have become lower and greyer, on roads there is a strange mixture formed from snow and the rests of reagents, there is thin dirty coat on cars, houses, bus-stops the dirty touch has laid down. But, despite all that the strong sensation of spring coming has already appeared and given its sprouts in our mind. This sensation has brought with itself the desire and the need to bring in our life bright spring colors and moreover to contrast ourselves to the grey reality of leaving us winter.

And that is why a novelty has appeared in our office – colorful monochrome bags of coated Kraft paper. For sure, the bright color scale will please our company’s clients, and undoubtedly will cause great interest with consumers. It is so because the tactile perception of Kraft bags in combinations with bright tones give very warm live sensations unlike their coated co-brothers. These bags are very interesting because with their help it is possible to create original individual gift wrapping for the friends and relatives. They will be especially demanded in the highlight of a coming holiday of 8 March. As in people’ consciousness this holiday is associated not only as a female holiday, but also as a holiday of coming spring.

On this holiday traditionally we give pleasure by means of flowers and gifts. And presents in bright sunny or navy blue gift wrapping, without any doubts, will please not only those who receive gifts, but also those who give them. Because to give presents is as pleasure as to receive them. Especially in bright, sunny and warm gift wrapping.

Our best wishes to you on the coming holiday of Spring!

With best regards,
Ivanova Natalia, Lukin Roman