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SMW NEWS. You do not know what to present? Gift certificates for training.

15 Мая 2009
Dear friends! On May, 18, Monday at 7-30 you may watch us on television channel TVC.

«What to present girlfriend for her birthday? What to surprise and at the same time to please her with?» «Perfumes have been already presented, as well as cosmetics, bijouterie, jewellery too… So what to do?» Probably, such questions are always asked by almost all of us when any significant event comes. And I would like to please you, and inform that there is a way, and besides very original! You want to know, don’t you? Well, then listen ….

The school of Modern Wrapping has prepared new, beautiful certificates which grant the right to their owners to be trained on any chosen course. The new certificate is executed in the form of a plastic card of a pretty design and is nominal. And it is not all yet! With this card you will be able to receive further discounts, get goods, accumulate bonuses, receive prizes and participate in various actions which will be organized by School of Modern Wrapping and Grand Gift Company.

Giving such certificates as a gift for your friends, colleagues, children you present them unforgettable impressions which they will receive, being trained in our School!
If you are directors you can make such presents to the employees as the award or bonuses according to the results of your company … …
The certificates will be excellent gifts for children for any holiday or successful finishing of a school year … ….
If you wish to please your wife it can be made by means of our certificate as well!
And actually, such gifts have not been give to anybody and by anybody yet, this is our "know-how" therefore you will be unique in it!
Give happiness to people and it will return to you!
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Always yours,
Mayorova Svetlana