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COMPANY NEWS. Economical work. Advantages of working with Lean tools. Kanban card.

04 Мая 2009
«Thrift can be considered
As the daughter of prudence,
Sister of moderations and
mother of freedom »
(Smiles S.)
Dear Friends!
Further to our heading «Economical office/manufacture», begun in 2008 we suggest to inform you in detail with stages of Lean system introduction in our Company.
Care or thrift! These both concepts are quite connected, though, at the first sight, various actions are meant. Getting used to concept of cooperation helps to comprehend the present value of care and thrift. When we understand what cooperation is we , first of all, start to respect colleagues’ work. Unfortunately it frequently happens, we with a smile and sarcasm treat tests, experiments and errors of people with who we work.
Now it is obvious for everybody, that as a whole the use of Lean principles can give considerable effects. Advantage of Lean, the system consists of organizational measures by 80 %, only by 20 % of investments into technologies.
It is interesting, that the most organised creatures in the world are bees that form the most rational geometrical form of a vessel (the cell in honeycombs) in the nature, on its construction is required the least quantity of materials (on 100 beer cells – 1,3 gram of wax), and on its constructive durability and capacity the cell has nothing equal.
So, let’s keep to the point. Today we would like to tell a little about one of management tools - card Каnban.
Каnban is the Japanese term, inherently to be translated as Signal, Card, Label. I.e. card Kanban signals, that it is time to operate - to place new orders to suppliers, whether to fill up file, to start production.

The advantages of Kanban system for manufacture:
 - elimination of overproduction – the main reason of losses;
 - increase of manoeuvrability of manufacture to react better to changes of consumers’ demand;
 - Improvement of supply system by consumables;
 - Meanofvisualmanagement
The advantages of Kanban system fo office:
 - Decrease of expenses for internal office consumables (stationery, cartridges, toners, advertising materials etc.);
 - Unceasing process of work at the office, without «firefighting» i.e. as supply process becomes simpler in manufacture as well.
And now we will pass to real, introduced projects. For certain, each of us (office employees) has ever met the situation that work process stopped because of:
- Office paper
А4 ran out;
- Cartridges in printers or toners in photocopiers ran out.
Similar standing idle means losses, defects, lost times in our work. Who pays off these losses? Every enterprise makes administrative decisions - or enterprises at their own expense or at the expense of their clients eliminates such losses, including them in products prices. But clients do not wish to overpay for our losses as well as we wish to produce faultless goods, render high-grade services etc. Yes, you have the right to disagree with me. After all anything terrible has not occurred. You can get a paper pack, a pen, glue, a cartridge at your personal expenses, it is not important - the main thing is no idle time or losses. Once it is OK, informidably, and when it happens not for the first time and not for the second and even the third? You will not constantly run about the office and «to extinguish fires», for sure you would prefer normal working well planned process without  losses and stresses. Therefore the introduction of Kanban system in the office and in manufacture is not a subject of pride for our company, and the way of getting rid of losses.
We advise you to use this system in your work, especially in today's difficult, unstable economic situation.
And philosophers through time and space remind us: «Thrift is an important source of well-being». (Cicero)
Коzlova Olga/Potop Natalia