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COMPANY NEWS. Tishyu paper – a high reliability factor

01 Декабря 2009
December is not meeting expectations again… It has gallantly opened the autumn doors and let itself flirt with autumn a little. The heart was melting and raining on the world with warm rains and crocuses blossomed surprisingly and snowdrops got up sleepy. The gray overall of the city has been covered with umbrellas of various colors, among that the colors and sky looked through.

It is as if the time slowed its running and it that viscous mass the minutes flew counting the coming of the New Year. The world lost its speed as well: autos are moving slowly. Clouds are blending with each other and creating strange images, focusing attention on them. The customers of New Year goods are starting to make their orders and think that the time ahs come but still there is time for that. December controls everything: weather, mood, us… Today is if granting us with warmth and tenderness… All-absorbing tenderness is reigning in flowers, in air, in feelings…

Tenderness coefficient of Tishyu paper in rather high in any season but before the New Year holidays it goes off-scale, feeding with the warmth of feelings that we put into presents for our nearest and dearest. Traditionally we are used to consider Tishyu as associated material of gift wrapping and use it as stuffing or inner wrapping material in bags and boxes as well as decorative material for creating flowers, butterflies, dragonflies, snowflakes etc. But the New Year event gives it a new role in its festive performance – the rope of gift wrapping material. And it is by chance. Splendid designs, newest printing technologies turn a common piece of papyrus into a work of art. It is easy to work with it. It «makes» a present itself. Tender touches of Tishyu paper as silk touching give pleasure and invite into a fairy tale.

Plyasova E.