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COMPANY NEWS. The world belongs to kindness. Christmas bells

15 Декабря 2009
Sometimes the life put stones under the well packed up cart of happiness and emotional balance and leave broken wheels of wellbeing and hopes, fates debris on long, all in wounds roads. They are ridden roughshod over by brisk fast horses with riders without conscience and hearts. There are so many belief, labour and love along such roads… So much trust, human generosity… Pick them up by handfuls, hide under a threadbare linen keeping that away from icy cold of snowy palms stretching to them, covering the sun, from warming and moving forward. Without a horse, without a cart but with belief, with knowledge, with the warmth of people’s love… The good has got the future as it is stronger and happier… Though it is poorer but not by soul, not by heart… The world belong to it… The world is full of music and wind whispering, it enchants by snowy waltz and bells jingling of a Christmas fairy tale. But it will not be seen by those who are fast as they look directly forward only, and are blindfolded by good aims, their hearts are frozen by wind and bells jingling will hardly warm them up and do they need to be warmed… Therefore those who need the warmth – they will get it…

Small bells are symbolic, without any doubts their merry songs bring the most vivid feelings in the New Year holidays! It is them that tell us the coming of a fast Father Frost’s chariot full of colorful presents. It is them that lit up bright light in children’s eyes who look for an unforgettable fairy tale that possibly can be so long that lasts till the next year.

In the New Year gift wrapping bells take one of significant places as directly make associations with the wonderful winter holidays: New Year and Christmas. To fix two bells with the ribbon it is possible to use it as a bow. A New Year decoration can be created with the help of several bells if to combine them with a cord so that to create a ball. In such cases they decorate New Year trees, jingling nicely because of tender touches of white snowstorm, the wonder of the New Year fairy tale pours out its song for many-many miles around.

Elena Plyasova