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PRODUCTION NEWS. Surprise humanity by new ideas... Kraft bags with decor

09 Апреля 2009
Time constantly dictates new goals, faces the choice of staying at a place and waiting for a fair wind or creating it from whirlwinds of ideas and thoughts. That what seemed to be eternal yesterday, today has already fallen into oblivion. That what collects millions of admirers today, tomorrow, most likely, will be boring and forgotten. Of course, there are also immortal masterpieces, but sometimes those who created them have to die in order others could understand it. Every day the mankind digests a huge mass of information, consumes a lot of various products of different origin, it is so difficult to surprise us with something, but anyway it is still possible!

Therefore, every day we turn rolls of thoughts to get advantageous balls of new ideas out of them. One of such ideas is given to the production by our designers. It is bags from Kraft paper with decor. The bags are made from natural Kraft paper with partial sealing, decorated by raffia, satiny ribbons and decoration from designing paper. For each bag - it is unique and inimitable. Their volume geometry and bows draw attention, and striped patterns give elegance and style. Envelopes, stuffing and gift wrapping paper are presented in the same collection as well, so it is possible without services of professionals to gift wrap presents using items of the same collection and nicely present them.

If you have ideas, and you want us to realize them for you in gift wrapping, so come and ask our production department, and we will do our best and involve all creative power of our company so that your ideas could surprised the human being!!!