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COMPANY NEWS. Get acquainted with collections of season Autumn-winter 2009/2010. Part 4. Belle Epoque - the Beautiful Epoch

13 Августа 2009
The Continuation. The beginning can be read in The News of August10, 11 and 12, 2009

Bellе Epoque/Beautiful Epoch

The wheel of time has twisted,
In front of me - a kaleidoscope of epochs.
But I am not a temporary person on the Earth,
But, of course, I am not the God either.

I am browsing the pages of epochs
And looking for just one among them –
That fine one which I am dreaming of,
That one in which I will find myself

Effective, magnificent, rich, collection Bellе Epoque is fine and surprising as if you find yourselves into a study room of strange things and accessories of a strange collector where styles and epochs are mixed...

Eclecticism in everything: in colour, materials, forms. Violet, violet-black, fuchsia colours sharply contrast green and turquoise-blue. Flowers: orchids, roses, irises, exotic plants get unusual forms. Fabrics are heavy: thick velvet, atlas, silk, furs are supplemented with air organza. In interiors decorative effect is underlined, theatricality, modern baroque and images of Faberge, sophisticated decorating, skilful embroidery, spangles and crystals on impressive materials.

Rich colour palette of Bellе Epoque collection allows without breaking harmony in gift packing, to unite in compositions of dissymmetric and difficult silhouette forms, and also to use various decor elements as accessories: elegant dragonflies, colourful butterflies, feathers of exotic birds, brooches with sparkling pastes. Bellе Epoque Collection is courageous, impressing, allowing to experiment with different objects...

Plyasova Elena

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