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SCHOOL OF MODER WRAPPING NEWS. Books and DVDs on gift wrapping

23 Января 2008
When a present is chosen and bought, it needs a proper wrapping and then you may present it solemnly to an addressee in the family and friends circle or in a romantic intimate atmosphere.
To make presents beautifully is a real art that requires certain knowledge and skills. Books are that knowledge source for all time.
It is so pleasant to open an interesting book and plunge into its colorful world, especially if it is highly illustrated. Everyone can have their own collection of such books, but not anybody can realize what to start with. After choosing books to our liking it is impossible to resist the temptation of buying one more. We offer such a unique opportunity to you!
New publications on gift wrapping are available in School of Modern Wrapping:
Book "Crackle consenescence" (63 pages), 
Book  "All Decoupage"  (335 pages),
Book  "Chinese and Japanese styles"  (63 pages),
Book  "Course book 3. Gift wrapping of presents"  (123 pages),
Book  "Gift wrapping of flowers" (157 pages).

These full color books are interesting both for amateurs and experts, who are professionally involved in gift wrapping business. The books are published in
Italy (the trendsetter of world fashion) and contain a lot of high quality photos. 
For those who prefer films to books we can make an interesting offer as well. New video courses are presented to your attention:
“Gift workshop - TreasureTrunk”
“Gift workshop - “VivaVicroria”
The video courses are for keen, inquisitive, creative, and above all for people that have the desire to please and surprise…
If you would like to learn gift wrapping art in practice, School of Modern Wrapping presents such an opportunity for you!
Ilona Semenova