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a Woman's Touch. The new collections of Spring – Summer 2008. Part 4.

01 Февраля 2008
Touch the night!
Tear off
the blanket that covers the star.
Lose consciousness in woman’s touches…
The elegant, elevated, pure, thoroughly sorted out «aWoman’sTouch» collection is the nostalgia on 50’s, unique, ladylike, thin and delicate woman’s beauty personified in the image of one of “the most beautiful women of all times and peoples”, whose aristocratic appearance, “weightlessness of movements and star beauty” fascinates a lot of men. They are afraid to touch it as if it airy creature is able to take its light wings and fly away like a fairy…”
«aWoman’sTouch» collection is perfect, exquisite, winding forms and strict lines in wooden and colored glass goods, smooth ceramics, knitted and soft fabrics, synthetic materials, tweed coats, perfume and the ageless classical style of Chanel ladies’ suits. Black-and-white chequered or black-and-pink patterns as the main accent of wooden, chamois and knitted accessories of gray, yellow, blue and red colors are the graceful realization of designers’ crazy ideas.
The presents decorated in «aWoman’sTouch» style are characterized by right forms, fine bows («French», «Korean») – the accents are made on graphic pictures of gift wrapping materials, among which glossy papers, self-colored felt, felt and polypropylene ribbons dominate. The structural materials are used only in the combinations with simple ones without prints. «aWoman’sTouch» collection is elegant ladylike beauty that can enchant men and conquer their hearts.
Specially for GrandGift,
Plyasova Elena