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THE COMPANY NEWS. Free of rules. The highlights of the week 17032008 - 23032008. Week review with Elena Plyasova.

21 Марта 2008

Sometimes we want to do strange things, to shock not only other people but also ourselves: to violate traffic rules before policemen’s very eyes, to spend weekends by the sea, to spoil expensive stylish hairdo in order to try hundreds African braids. And afterwards be surprised by courage and determination that we suspected of before. It is nice to feel free of rules, and sometimes it is even useful. Not only for ourselves but also for people around, when not you live on your own new openings emotionally, but the others get massive part of optimism. Why it is so? Because it is spring! It is free of rules as well: at one moment it snows and freeze by cold wind, at another warms up in pleasant sunlight.

It may seem that spring has already celebrated its birthday and it is time to relax, but it is not so. Every spring day is a holiday, with or without rules, but always with presents and their gift wrapping. The previous week was rich in new products: bright accessories of pompons, original decorative candles, teddy bears in dresses and shirts, bags with flock and spring-summer jute bags. And now lets review this week news.

All children are born angels – sinless and innocent. Pure, light, candid, giving Light to everyone, who they meet and who they love. What can be brighter than a smile of a Child! Children can enjoy simple things. They are pleased with every day, every beam of sunlight, every small insect, every flower and every spring streamlet. They catch raindrops by their mouths, talk to butterflies and dragonflies, roll on ground, in wet grass and are not afraid to get dirty or ill and pace in their small rubber boots on spring puddles.
THE COMPANY NEWS. The messenger of kindness and light. Angel souvenirs

Spring has come, has come fun,
Warmth, luck and love…
And this air is as poison
Again take away into the wonderland.
Everything is so beautiful, so amusing
That we want to feel
Love and joy more and more…
I would like to congratulate you on SPRING, the most splendid, romantic, lyrical season! Spring is the time of love, the time of sensitive and subtle understanding, the time of miracles, small surprises and presents. Do you think that the holidays are over? No, they just begin. Our gift wrapping workshop offers a quick and delicate way of gift wrapping – BROCADE and CHIFFON BAGS.
THE COMPANY NEWS. Graceful surprises. Brocade and chiffon bags

Boyko Galina /Shopping center shop assistant/:
«I liked the course very much, the instructor was wonderful, I have gained a lot of new and interesting».
Makarchuk Elena /consultant shop assistant/:
«As the matter of fact it is the best course in my all practice! Everything is clever, well-explained in detail again that was studied during those 3-days. The instructor is a fist class expert».
SCHOOL OF MODERN WRAPPING NEWS. The results of 3-days course «Decorative gift wrapping»

From time immemorial people were fond of decorating themselves with different things from simple stones to precious ones. But after getting one decoration people, especially women want to have others. In a while our houses and apartments are filled with rings, earrings, chains… and the question arises “Where to keep them all?”
THE COMPANY NEWS. A ring to remember. Jewellery boxes

Present your feelings to each other. Live generously, think widely, listen to yourselves! And will find the answers! Have a nice weekend!
Elena Plyasova