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COMPANY NEWS. The highlights of the week 19.05-25.05.2008. Articles review.

24 Мая 2008

Dear Friends!
For Russia May means the month of victories as it happened many years ago. Of course the main victory is the 9 May, and the victory on 18 May, and who knows the results of Eurovision 2008. But we all hope that there will be a lot more victories.

As usual now we present the results of the previous week.

Bags might be so different. It can be a sports bag, that contains not only sportswear for going to fitness clubs, but also a million of vials, small battles with shampoo and cream or it can be an elegant lady’s purse that can hardly hold a lipstick and a mirror, so the majority of women can not imagine that they have nothing in their hands! It does not matter if you ran to work in a busy buzzing crowd or walk about a flea market stopping in front of every shop or go down the hills to the sea on an emerald-green path or sit on the wooden dais and hear river rustling and feel the smell of freshly mowed grass, – the best part of humanity cannot do without bags. When they lose or forget to take them, women do not feel at ease, as if they lose part of themselves.
COMPANY NEWS. Exotic side of traditional. Relief bags.

A May lovely day smells like lilac. The final ringing will fill school corridors soon. Graduates’ solemn faces, the whiteness of blouses and shirts, dark skirts and trousers, white bows, garlands of bright airy balloons, bunches of spring flowers, groups of disheveled fist-year pupils that come to congratulate and recite their quatrains, excited teachers giving their last lessons, parents, who look nervously at their becoming-so-fact-grown-up kids. Is it possible to guess their future? Can a quadrifoliate lilac flower tell about their tomorrow?
COMPANY NEWS. Decorating of presents by bells for teachers and friends.

Newspapers headlines are gay with two colors only – red and white – the colors of «red devils» from Manchester over London «aristocrats» in the main European tournament on the emerald field of Luzhniki. For somebody it might seem impossible to add their own kopecks in this rejoicing, but we will try to cover ourselves by the common counterpane and add our « ladle» of honey to the international events, to paint a green stripe to the two previous ones.
One more European country should raise its flags high and salute in the honor of baby Eve’s birthday, who was born on 21 May 2008 as the result of Italy and Russia uniting. Our colleague Victoria Glagoleva and her husband Emmanuel celebrate their daughter’s birthday. Viva Italy!
COMPANY NEWS. Salute in the honor of Eve’s birthday! So wonderful decorative wire.

Let’s imagine the situation that a solid well-dressed man is walking along a street and carrying a simple polymeric bag, on the bottom of which an expensive purse or something like that is «floundering about». How does it suit his image, and more important, his thinking? Another situation – at a high presentation or an exhibition of High fashion you are presented news releases in such uncomely bags. But the third variant is possible. Bags from Kraft paper. Considering all for and against, Kraft bags gain more advantages as everything that is connected to them tells about style so that it is impossible to miss their merits and not to try them. Kraft paper bags are the associating with the European way of life that counts not only on elegancy and creativity, but also on ecological materials so that the price of style and comfort does not become too high for the environment.
PRODUCTION NEWS. Kraft bags are the window into Europe.


Dear Friends! One more gift wrapping regular course has been just over. It is so pleasant to see satisfied and smiling faces of our students that are leaving lecture-room and carrying their works carefully. In such moments it becomes obvious that our work gives people not only useful skills but also one more rational point: they become more open, make new friends and help the wings of creativity be stronger in order to be able to start a self-dependent flight tomorrow. Our motto - «School of Modern Wrapping – The Art of Uniting People». People of various professions, opinions, characters. We help them to communicate with each other including the language of gift wrapping.
SMW NEWS. The art of uniting people.