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COMPANY NEWS. Salute in the honor of Eve’s birthday! So wonderful decorative wire

22 Мая 2008
Newspapers headlines are gay with two colors only – red and white – the colors of «red devils» from Manchester over London «aristocrats» in the main European tournament on the emerald field of Luzhniki. For somebody it might seem impossible to add their own kopecks in this rejoicing, but we will try to cover ourselves by the common counterpane and add our « ladle» of honey to the international events, to paint a green stripe to the two previous ones.
One more European country should raise its flags high and salute in the honor of baby Eve’s birthday, who was born on 21 May 2008 as the result of Italy and Russia uniting. Our colleague Victoria Glagoleva and her husband Emmanuel celebrate their daughter’s birthday. Viva Italy! Get fetch bottles of best wines, put out lights and enjoy the whirlwind of the festive carnival so that every petal of the tender little bud gains power in the cherishing ocean of love and infinite happiness.
All colors of the world and beauty of the most wonderful places of the planet give their congratulations and presents to the newborn, hiding them in the green foliage of tropical forests and bright aromatic blowers. The nature presents its gifts and we decorate them by superfine springs of decorative wire.
Decorative wire is finest thing that creates different ornaments: leaves, flowers, clusters of circles, volutes, zigzags, clouds on objects and materials as if fogging them by shining.
Decorative wire is one of the finest gift wrapping accessories. Its use cannot be limited. It excellently fits any gift wrapping of presents and flowers, makes bows more fluffy and easily shapes into various forms. Its basic is not rigid but thin and beads and paillettes look splendid on it. Look for two kinds of decorative wires in our catalogues «triangle» and simple of various colors.
Yours MudLena