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COMPANY NEWS. In Rock King’s cave. Crystal accessories

05 Июня 2008

Behind the back there is a deep fiord in a giant rock corridor with a blue smooth water surface and the view of a sparkling glacier ridge. A narrow mountain path disappears in a black crevice of a windy polished cliff and turns into marble steps. Steep winding stairs that can hardly be seen carries into the interior of a cave and immerses into black silence. Finally, the darkness is lit up with cold glimmering. And an enchanting mystical view opens up. It takes breath away because of such grandiose, primeval beauty. There are placers of twinkling crystals everywhere; they make hearts stop in delight of the beautiful grandeur. Contours and forms glare as if they flow one from another. Their sharp edges run through the darkness, their balance and harmony charm and compel attention. Sky-blue light comes out of the very hearts of the crystals, causes a cold and exiting sensation, bewitches by its magnificence, purity and generosity.

Crystals are full of mysticism and faith as the symbol of infinity and eternal aspiration for ideal, and unsurpassed precision desire to perfect everything constantly. Here in Rock King’s realm neither moment nor eternity reign. Dreams and recollections are increased uncountable in the reflection of their milliard sides and create the flickering mist of sweet visions, shroud in bliss and light delight and carries away far all thought about fussy being. It is high time we left the wizards’ cave otherwise it is possible to lose the feeling of time completely.

The fine and effective crystal accessories from our collection attach wonderful poetic aura to gift wrapping compositions, emphasize details and materials, and fill presents with special mystic meaning. As a sign of charm and style, the collection was created for gentle and mysterious nature. The variety of models can satisfy the most exquisite taste: sphere crystals, diamonds and stalactite, crystal figures in the forms of butterflies, dragonflies and candies. Present a wonderful sensation of possessing a philosophers’ stone in gift wrapping.