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COMPANY NEWS. Autumn-Winter 2008 collections! Part 2. NATURE D'OR.

12 Августа 2008
Preparing for the new season, we continue to listen to the music of its feelings. And today presents are rolling in the shine of gold and silver, luxuriate in the furs of rich and refined collection Nature D'or (Natural Gold). Let us plunge into its atmosphere. 
Nature D'or / Natural Gold /
Light, brilliance, metal –
Gold carnival …
I am painting you
In a dress from silver.
A fur coat with the help of my brush
I will dump from the shoulder …
And on the background of that all –
The turquoise of your eyes … 
Nature D’or collection is topped with luxury and richness. It is elite, with decadent motives, comfortable and modern in the shine of expensive metals and precious stones, decorated with excellent artificial skins of animals … In interiors there is metal, glass and leather. Sparkling at evening lights clothes are from synthetic materials. Emotions are sated, electrified, but within terrestrial, human, with a bit of romanticism …
The rich, sated shades of gold, bronze, brown are combined with silver, blue and turquoise metallic. All materials have metal lustre, both firm and textile. Leather is given metal shine as well. Patterns are fine, elegant with flower motives. The forms are natural, rounded, without sharp corners and sharp changeovers. In order to strengthen impressions the forms are sometimes enlarged up to XL sizes. There are a lot of draperies, intricate ornaments, brocade and silk dominate. Coffee smell, taste of bitter chocolate … Candles, fire in the reflexion of magnificent golden vases …
Such materials as rich brocade ribbons, with golden embroidery, golden cords and wires, refined accessories-brooches, fur and feathery compositions, gold bijouterie and spangles are the dominants of the gift wrapping of Nature D’or collection. Decoration work is difficult, bows are multilayered and magnificent. Wrapping materials are glossy, metal or relief, rich, with accurately expressed texture. Turquoise ribbons, paper, accessories in a little amount are as a small finishing stroke that completes the picture of a whole image. 
Elena Plyasova