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PRODUCTION NEWS. Packages for gourmets. Packages from Kraft paper with valve.

04 Июня 2009
We are always in movement, the time dictates its conditions and consequently it is necessary to be in a hurry, and we hurry up, even then, when there is no need to do it. Even then, when we go on vocations, to visit friends and celebrate holidays. It is necessary for us to have everything quickly, but without the loss of quality. Quickly and beautifully. We catch running by a small bag of sweets, we buy a graceful scarf, we bring souvenirs – they need their own faces, right gift wrapping. Fast, reliable, beautiful, ecological, stylish!!! And such packing is already existing!

Unlike usual bags from Kraft that have handles, new products represent packages. Packages without handles. But with other advantages. They have volume bottoms and valves which give finished look to gift wrapping. Sticking this valve, we as though hide a gift in an envelope, sealing our wishes and feelings there. it is possible to paste on the valve of any accessory in style of kraft-packing – raffia, graceful French bows from thin satiny ribbons, set sealing wax seal, etc.

New Kraft packages are for gifts, for samples, for different goods – therefore they are of different sizes. They are strong, convenient, graceful. Kraft packages with valves and volume bottom are the right thing for a gift wrapping gourmets!

Now you can order them in any quantity in our Company.