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PRODUCTION NEWS. Onboard with UPM. A seminar of Finnish Company UPM on label and a Kraft paper.

24 Июня 2009
Within the framework of "Rossupack" exhibition the Finnish Company UPM - one of leaders of paper manufacture, has held a seminar on label and a Kraft paper for the clients. As company UPM is the supplier of Kraft-paper for our new products line-up from Kraft paper, among the invited visitors there were also Grand Gift representatives, including me, the head of department for deliveries - Tretyakov Nikita. Here is my small report on the seminar.

The seminar "Onboard with UPM " was held on June 17, 2009 on the legendary steam-ship Maxim Gorky which has been recently gently restored. Strict and classical, but very pleasant interior created business and at the same time friendly atmosphere.

The purpose of business part of the seminar was to acquaint visitors with the last year’s achievements, the new products, the influence of world economic recession on company activity. Vice-president of the company Andrey Vasjukov, sales manager of UPM global network packing segment Sjeren Slotte, main technologist Arttu Кеskinen were among the lecturers there.

In spite of the fact that the seminar was devoted to paper, UPM Company develops 2 more directions of the activity successfully: power (it has own hydroelectric power stations) and cellulose (for needs of own paper manufacture), and also special materials (composite materials, marks of radio-frequency identification).

However, the paper direction is priority. There is a large quantity of paper sorts and work on designing new kinds is constantly being carried out. For example, at present the work on new kinds of mark papers, which density is only 45 g/m2 (earlier it was minimum 50g/m2) is being conducted. Generally in the world there is such tendency - by means of new processing technologies paper manufacturers achieve identical strength properties at smaller volume (density). It allows to save raw materials, that affects ecology better. By the way, UPM company has special relation to ecology. Most part of its products is made from recycle materials which are processed for the second time, with use of energy which does not influence climate changing.

Ecological compatibility, along with high quality of products, service quality and the strong brand, one of the factors which will help UPM to realize their strategy: to remain in the Russian market for a long time, despite uneasy business environment, the world economic crisis, complexities with currency, expenses for customs clearing.

Except new products UPM Company pleased with the news in the field of client servicing, to be exact in logistics. It is a small secret yet, however, without opening the essence, I can tell you, that this news is very good to us. The realization of the project will allow to reduce time from the moment of an order till the moment of raw materials receipt.

Of course, it was possible not only to listen to reports, but also to relax a little: sounds of live music, pleasant views of the Moscow river, to meet good friends, to get acquainted with new ones, to have interesting conversations, to exchange opinions on these or other themes.

The Seminar "Onboard with UPM " is the time spent pleasantly, positively and usefully.

With best regards,
Tretyakov Nikita